Pinterest Vs Instagram – Battle Of The Best Social Media Network For Your Business

Nowadays, almost everyone possesses a smartphone which is the reason why millions of photos and videos get shared daily via social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest. Businesses are using visual content more than ever to attract and lure customers to their products and services, which is why it’s imperative to know which platform is the best when it comes to visual content – especially when planning to market your services and products.


Currently, Pinterest and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms to share visual content. However, it should be noted that each of these platforms shares a unique audience trying to achieve different goals, thereby making the content sharing procedure a bit more than just being straightforward. Therefore, your strategies must also be tweaked to cater to such audiences. But, at the end of the day, your success in building loyal followers will depend on how much great content you share.


The Age Demographics


Before we get into the more serious sections, it’s essential to first know which platform has the largest share of adult users. It should be remembered that since you want your customers to invest in your products or services, adult users are utmost necessary because they have the financial capability to perform the same. The following are some of the age demographics that you should keep in mind:


● Adult users aged between 18 years and 29 years – 53 per cent of them use Instagram while 34 per cent use Pinterest.

● Adult users aged between 30 years and 49 years – 25 per cent of them use Instagram while 28 per cent use Pinterest.

● Adult users aged between 50 years and 64 years – 11 per cent of them use Instagram while 27 per cent use Pinterest.


The Differences


1. Business Advertising


The main reason why Instagram advertising is very much in demand nowadays is because of the real-world results that such advertisement provides. The reason is that Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook has its marketing tool as well – which gives Instagram advertisers access to a range of versatile and groundbreaking targeting options.


By using Instagram ads, you can connect with customers anywhere around the world and will not be restricted to just a single region. Furthermore, just like Facebook Ads, you can also add a CTA or Call-To-Action button on your Instagram advertisement. With Instagram, you can perform the following type of advertisements:


● Carousel Ads.

● Stories Ads.

● Video Ads.

● Photo Ads.


On the other hand, Indian Pinterest accounts cannot run ads because Pinterest only supports advertisements from accounts that are based in a handful of countries and India is not one of them. Therefore, advertisement on Pinterest is region-locked especially when it comes to Indian businesses out there.


2. Posting Video Content


Ask any digital marketing professional and he or she will tell you the importance of using video content to attract users towards your business. With the help of Instagram, you can not only post photos but videos as well. Moreover, longer videos can also be shared with the help of Instagram TV or otherwise known as IGTV.


Pinterest, on the other hand, only supports the sharing of photos. You cannot post video content on Pinterest unless you’re using an external link to the video or using it for promotional purposes only. Instead, you can post GIFs.


3. Use Of Hashtags


Even if you’re not an Instagram user, you most probably by now know the reason behind the use of hashtags. The best thing about using hashtags is that it helps users to be more innovative in their content. Instagram users use hashtags generally to find more content of the same nature and can even follow certain hashtags of their choice as well. Using hashtags will help your business create a strong connection with your customers.


However, hashtags on Pinterest serve almost little to no purpose since users already have well-labelled pins by their side. Even if hashtags on Pinterest can help users find relevant content, most Pinterest audiences use categorised ‘pins’ instead.


4. The Audience


As of the current date, Instagram has over one billion users with 500 million daily users. The platform has an equal number of male and female users, 60 per cent of them fall into the young category.


Comparatively, Pinterest has more than 250 million active users, with almost more than 70 per cent being female users. Furthermore, compared to Instagram, Pinterest has a more concentration of older audiences on its platform.


The Verdict


The above factors clearly state that Instagram proves to be a much better platform when it comes to promoting your business. It has all the necessary tools you need to create a successful marketing strategy.


Even though Pinterest might look a bit enticing, it needs to go a long way when it comes to being a viable tool for business digital marketing. Till then, Viva La Instagram.

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