Website Marketing 101: Creative Tactics That Work

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that online marketing nowadays is nothing but a rat race to obtain the most amount of customers. Companies and businesses use the best strategies at hand to constantly compete with each other, aiming to sell the most number of services or products.


The sole task of an entrepreneur to use the best available digital marketing tools at his or her disposal and thereby enhance their online presence so that they can achieve more traffic. And one of the tools that most entrepreneurs hold dear to is website marketing. Creativity is the utmost key when it comes to marketing a website which is why we’re sharing some of them in this article guide.


The Creative Tactics For Website Marketing That You Should Follow


1. Using Videos That Are Engaging


If you want to be creative with your website marketing tactics, you have to use videos in your portfolio. But, it's not that you can use any video out there – it needs to be engaging and align itself to the vision you have regarding your marketing strategies. To tackle such a problem, you'll have two options besides you:


● You can choose to base your video based on the content of your website.

● Or, you can simply choose to create a video that is different from the website content.


Once you’ve figured out which path you’ll choose, you can then look out for video hosting websites. Platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube are great for hosting videos as they have a wide subscriber base.


2. Image Optimisation


Users love when a website loads fast and appears responsive, which is why it’s crucial to optimise the images on your website for better page loading times. It should be noted that a speedy website will ultimately translate to visitors clicking more pages and staying longer on it. There are several tools to obtain the same thereby making the procedure so much easier as well.


Always try to keep the size of the images small because if the size is small, it’ll load faster. Furthermore, apart from your visitors, even Google loves to rank websites better which are fast & responsive – thereby boosting your website SEO.


3. Opting For An FAQ Page


If you want your business to flourish, then having an FAQ page is a no-brainer. An FAQ page helps in improving the relationship between your customers and your business by introducing a level of intermediate transparency. The FAQ will offer your visitors with an informative and satisfying experience, which will help your company or business to gain immediate trust – thereby turning potential customers into real ones.


However, it should be noted that users would always want their answers in plain and simple language, so ensure that your FAQ incorporates the same. Make sure your answers are to-the-point, clear, concise and honest. Misleading potential customers is the last thing you'd want to do.


4. Joining Relevant Groups On Facebook


Connecting with your audience is one of the major steps in marketing your website and there’s no better way to do the same than interacting with them via Facebook Groups. The best thing about Facebook Groups is that you can find one for almost any topic out there. You can either plan to join one or several and thereby continue your marketing strategy.


Over time you'll get to learn more about discussions, audience and also take part in the same. Start by answering queries from like-minded people like you and while you do that, you're not only answering the question but also get the opportunity to promote your website. For instance, if your website has a topic that the customer is asking about, you can just simply post your website URL and redirect them to the same. Furthermore, you'll also be contributing to increased traffic on your website.


It should be noted that your website is more than just a platform to showcase videos and pictures – it’s a portal to enhance your business’ reach and growth. Therefore, it’s your task to start applying these above procedures and see what works for you. 

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