Question:   Do i need to pay for anything?  

Answer:   You will need to purchase a domain name and hosting through our affiliate websites for us to be able to design the website for free.


Question 2: Do you design advanced websites for free too? 

Answer: As a part of this promo offer, we can only offer a responsive, dynamic website that showcases your business, If you want an advanced one like an eCommerce website it will cost you a little. 


Question 3: If i already have a hosting and domain name? 

Answer: We will still go ahead and design you the website, provided you perform SEO of the website through us which will be chargeable and cost can be discussed once the website is audited at no extra cost. 


Question 4: Can you generate leads for my Business? 

Answer: Yes why not!, Reach out to us through the /contact-us page and we would be more than happy to work with you. 


Question 5: Will you provide local SEO along with the website for free?

Answer: Yes Absolutely!


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